1. You get to choose the right furniture fabric

If you’ve already picked up a Blvd Co sofa then match the color of your furniture or to your pet’s coat. Blvd Co provides durable materials such as thick canvas and sturdy leather, with 68 options including outdoor fabrics, we have something for your furry friend.  

2. Opt-In for water-resistant

A brand-new couch cannot be in the budget if your dog makes a mess. The Blvd Co DofgSofa is equipped with a water-resistant liner so the Dog Sofa is protected from all types of messes. This leads right into our next recommendation...

3. Buy only machine-washable dog sofa

You don’t want to have to keep buying a new dog sofa because your furry friend makes a mess, so pick up a dog sofa with a machine-washable slipcover. Blvd Co fabrics are machine washable, and they always look neat and well-fitted to the Dog Sofa no matter how many washes.

4. It is Durable and Comfortable

If your dog enjoys sleeping with you, it is probably partly because they recognize the comfort of a mattress. The Blvd Co Dog Sofas are made with the same comfortable premium foam we use in our Blvd Co sofas. The Dog Sofas are durable and comfortable, and you might find that your dog prefers their Dog Sofa instead of in the bed with you :) 

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