cat and dog on sofa
Sharing the sofa with your pet?

I stop sharing my couch with my pets and it's been the best for both of us!

When Buying a Dog Sofa
When Buying a Dog Sofa

1. You get to choose the right furniture fabric If you’ve already picked up a Blvd Co sofa then match the color of your furniture or to your pet’s...

Romantic Comedy Night
Romantic Comedy Night

We all love to take to the couch and binge-watch movies. There are very few things more comforting and relaxing than spending time watching a good ...

couple sitting on greay sofa next to plant
An Online Couch That Rocks

My partner B and I have recently moved into an old colonial home with lots of projects and are slowly working through them all. This was a big tran...

Guide to Surviving a Couch Move
Guide to Surviving a Couch Move

We previously talked about moving to NYC here, but you might find yourself wanting to change apartments within the city. Unfortunately, after picki...

Game Day is Coming, Are You Ready?
Game Day is Coming, Are You Ready?

This crazy NBA free agency has just ended, the MLB playoff race is coming down to the wire, and the NFL pre-season is just around the corner. Games...

Person entering credit card information into computer with wallet next to them and $20 sticking out. Iphone in screen as well
Buying a couch online

Buying a couch online You wouldn’t hop in a car in a showroom for a few seconds, hop out, and say, “I’ll take it.” Sadly, this happens all the time...

Choosing the right couch for the patio
Choosing the right couch for the patio

Outdoor gatherings are supposed to be more casual, so why not design a space that evokes that comfortable, breezy summer feeling? One of our favori...

Woman and three guys sitting on a Blvd Co Tribeca sofa
Five Best Activities to Do on Your Sofa

There are so many different things that we do on our sofas on a day to day basis, some of which are more enjoyable than others. Hopefully, this pos...

Black Chopped up sofa stacked up on the curb of a NYC sidewalk as trash
How to Get Rid of Your Couch

We’ve all been there before; figuring out how to get rid of our sofa. Whether it be moving, renovating, current sofa being worn out, or simply beca...

Two blue Blvd Co boxes and a beige three person sofa with two women and a dog sitting on it
The Couch in a Box Comparison

Do you ever say to yourself, “I really wish Amazon didn’t exist so that I have a reason to go to the store”? I highly doubt it. Furniture brands ar...

Mom, Dad and daughter sitting on couch playing with toy
Kid Friendly Sofa

At the end of 2017, Blvd Co started developing the 100% foam sofa that many know and love today. Through multiple trips to the park with various pr...

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