We’ve all been there before; figuring out how to get rid of our sofa. Whether it be moving, renovating, current sofa being worn out, or simply because - we all have been there or will be at one point. One of the first things we all think of is craigslist or facebook marketplace. This is a great way to try and make some cash to put towards your new sofa. Now, you may not get all that much, but it’s great for a couple of reasons. One, you’re minimizing trash being added to the landfills. Secondly, you’re helping out someone who may not be as fortunate as you are to go and purchase a brand new sofa. 

Another option that you may think of is “Do I have any family members or friends who need a couch that I can give this to?” That’s a great thought as well for the same reasons we previously spoke of above.

The final option that people think of is to just chuck the item in the trash. Sometimes, this is the only option but recycling and allowing these products to get additional mileage on them is always the best choice from an environmental standpoint. Most sofas are made with wooden frames which come from trees that need to be planted regularly. Furthermore, there are factories and industrial equipment emitting greenhouse gases which cut, manipulate, and transport these trees, allowing them to be turned into everyday items. Similar factories and machinery are used in fabric mills to create the upholstering fabrics, foam, and dacron. It is very hard to create a product that does not have any carbon footprint but doing our best to ensure we make these products last is the least we can do.

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Many companies have products and make claims that the sofa can be taken with you and last forever. This is just simply not true. The cushions are going to wear out and the fabrics are going to wear out as well. There are very limited companies which allow fabrics and cushions to be replaced easily and inexpensively. One of these companies is Blvd Co.  The Blvd Co sofa is completely foam which is partially created from soybeans. Their fabrics are easily removable for cleaning or replacing and they offer affordable replacements parts to ensure your couch stays looking as new as possible all the time. 

The next time you’re thinking of getting rid of your sofa, try to give it away or sell it before throwing it in the trash. Lastly, check out the build your own feature HERE  from Blvd Co to help select your next piece of furniture. 

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