My partner B and I have recently moved into an old colonial home with lots of projects and are slowly working through them all. This was a big transition for us and as the Blvd Team has mentioned, seems like these transitions always require we buy some new furniture. We had a couch that has followed us for years but let’s just say it didn’t survive the move.

We were looking for a new sofa and we had purchased our mattress online, so we figured why not try a “couch in a box.” There are no pushy salesmen, my feet don’t hurt from walking store to store, and we can do it from our home; SIGN US UP!

But, let’s be honest, buying a couch online without ever even sitting on it can be pretty scary and there are so many options out there. We spent countless hours scouring reviews to figure out the best sofa for us. We even put together this spreadsheet based on the more popular brands.

When we came across Blvd Co, we immediately fell in love! The CEO of this Brooklyn based company, Vinny Romano,  wants to eliminate the pains of couch shopping and upkeep. We were totally sold on the idea! Blvd Co offers a modular couch and a customization tool that allowed us to build a couch that fits our needs and space perfectly. Also, they offer a variety of covers so it was easy to find something that matched our style. Each foam piece is made in the USA and Blvd Co prides themselves on using natural certified materials to ensure that we have the cleanest products in our home! It arrived fully compressed; all I had to do was take it out the box, let the foam take shape, and then put on the covers. It is as easy as making a bed. I strongly recommend you do a ton of research in advance to find the perfect couch for you, but I have a strong feeling you will decide on a Blvd Co sofa.



Happy Customers B&B from Boston

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