This crazy NBA free agency has just ended, the MLB playoff race is coming down to the wire, and the NFL pre-season is just around the corner. Games days are coming, and if you decide you want to host, you need to prepare! What makes a great game day party is not just the competition and food, but also the atmosphere. How do you create the perfect space for hosting a game day? Here are some things to consider:

Floor Plan

Whether a studio apartment or a basement man/woman cave, you want to make sure that you are fitting it with the right furniture that suits you and your party. If some family and friends are hyped for the game, but others are just along for the ride, you want furniture that allows both groups to be comfortable. Your guests can watch, cheer, and send for refills while the others can chat. The advantage of Blvd Co furniture is that is built for modularity - fits all areas. You can get started on fitting your custom space here.

Seating for Optimum Viewing

You just don't want to fit your space to make your guests comfortable, you also need to arrange the space for optimal viewing pleasure. You want to arrange the hosting space to hold as many seats as possible, and make sure all of them can see the TV! For those who do not have a Blvd Co couch, it is time to pull out any extra furniture that’s been hidden away in storage. But for those with a Blvd Co couch, you simply attached additional pieces using other places or give everyone their own seating with a corner piece on an angel. Try to use your angles—consider the Tribeca Chaise against the wall for great coverage. 

Maximum Convenience

Most game day foods are eaten quickly. Bowls of chips, nachos, wings, and other finger food appetizers are delicious but they make a mess. Blvd Co. couch has a water-resistant liner underneath your washable fabrics. Once the party is over remove the fabrics and throw them in the washer and just wipe down the water-resistant liner.

From everybody here at Blvd Co., we hope that you have a fantastic game day!

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