At the end of 2017, Blvd Co started developing the 100% foam sofa that many know and love today. Through multiple trips to the park with various prototypes of the sofa, there was much to learn about various elements people look for in a sofa. The standard adaptability, modularity, convenience, and ease of delivery were only some mentioned but one that stood out was how child friendly the Blvd Co Sofa is. 

Many parents who sat on the Tribeca Sofa (found here) quickly realized how the arms were sturdy yet soft and that there was no hard structured frame. In traditional couches, the arms and backs usually have hard components which appear soft to the touch. However, when a child falls, there is more force where the minimal dacron layer provides little support for and therefore results in a bump or bruise on your toddler’s head. 

Beyond the most important aspect of preventing injuries to your loved ones, the Blvd Co sofa provides additional benefits, making it extremely kid friendly. The liquid resistant liner enables your children to have drinks, food, or, hopefully not, an accident on the sofa without needing to worry about anything seeping into the foam and leaving a horrible smell. Simply take the covers off to wash them, wipe the liner down, and the couch will be looking as good as new in no time. Feel free to order your favorite fabric swatches here and try the Blvd Co sofa for 100 days worry-free!

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