We all love to take to the couch and binge-watch movies. There are very few things more comforting and relaxing than spending time watching a good film, on your sofa with your significant other, friend, pet, or even just by yourself. And while there are many genres worth checking out, there is nothing better for a snuggle than a great romance movie.

The movies on the list below feature love-focused plotlines. Even if you're not a fan of the genre, I promised that one of these three films would have you settle on the couch. And if you are already a big romance movie lover, then you probably have seen these before, but there's nothing wrong with re-watching old favorites. So here are the Blvd Co. team's top three romantic comedies for a night on the couch:

3. Bridget Jones's Diary

There's a lot you can say about Bridget Jones's Diary. The movie strings together one funny set-piece after another, as when Bridget goes in costume to a party where she thought the theme was "Tarts & Vicars." She often undervalues herself. She believes nothing will ever change, and things can only get worse -- at least in her mind, but the humor and romance of the movie come when she's proven -- wrong.

2. When Harry Met Sally

This movie is filled with classic scenes like "Can men and women be friends?" conversation in the car and the run through the streets of New York on New Year's Eve. Twelve years of chance encounters, witty banter, tears, and eventual romance will have you engaged for al 90 minutes. 

1. You've Got Mail

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have a stranglehold on the genre so we could have made a list with just their movies and it too could be a top romantic comedy list. For everyone who forgot the sound of dial-up, this movie will bring back memories. Before Tinder, Bumble, Coffe Meets Bagel, etc. the idea of developing an online friendship and that eventually led to true love, seemed crazy but that's what you get with "You've Got Mail." Today the movie would probably be called "Sliding into your DM's," but I'm sure you could build a better online romance story. 

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