Buying a couch online

You wouldn’t hop in a car in a showroom for a few seconds, hop out, and say, “I’ll take it.” Sadly, this happens all the time with furniture. Here are a few must-haves when buying furniture generally, even more so online!


YOUR LIVING ROOM IS NOW YOUR SHOWROOM Don’t feel you have to imagine what it will look like in your home. Blvd encourages customers to take advantage of our trial period. There are AR apps that might give you a sense of what it is like but the Blvd Co-Team wants you to feel all the feels of your couch. Be pretty critical, because it’s for your comfort. 

Close up of sewing machine sewing fabric

TAKE IT SLOW Watching a movie at home, you may log two hours on the couch. So, 10 minutes in a store is not enough. Blvd Co gives you a 100-day trial period.  If you’re uncomfortable the first day, that is probably an indicator that it might not be the best fit. You want an online couch company that will give you the time to discover.

CHECK UNDER THE HOOD Make sure to ask things such as the type of foam used for the cushions. With Blvd Co, we disclosed the source and certifications of our foams here. When it arrives at your home, don’t be afraid to lift up the couch or give us a call. If you are going to spend top dollar for a sofa that will be with you for a long time, we want you to have peace of mind all the way through.

DO THE KID AND PET TEST If the sofa can’t handle a few rambunctious kids or a little accident from your pet, it may be a sign of poor construction. Some of it is physics - bad construction means it can’t hold up against regular use. 

Golden retriever (dog) on couch

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