You just wanted a little personal space on the sofa to relax, so you go to lay down and suddenly get attacked by paws and fur. 

This is the life I live. I own a cat and a German Shepherd who doesn’t know that he isn’t a puppy. So, when they decide it’s time to share the couch, I end up with paws all over me. So it made perfect sense for me to get them their own space and make sure it was as comfortable as mine or a least more comfortable than laying on top of me. 

Although the Bvd Co Pet Sofa caters to dogs, I think it’s a comfortable lounging place for just about any pet, and my cat Suzi is a testament to that. Suzi is territorial, so the new sofas have brought an unexpected harmony. Rox (German Shepard) sticks to his bed and Suzi loves her's.

The hardest decision when buying a pet sofa was the fabric selection. I wanted something that fit my decor and was appealing to my pets.  I ended up going with a neutral shade for my Rox! But for my Suzi, I went with the scratch-proof velvet. This type of selection considers both design and functionality and has saved me from things like this ...

dog destroys couch

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