Purchasing a sofa can be very painful so we listed the top three items that we feel should be considered while making your decision:


More often than not, you’re investing your hard-earned money into a piece of furniture that you want to enjoy. Not just for the next 6 months, but at a minimum of multiple years. With environmental waste on all of our minds, the longer you’re able to keep a sofa the less you’re keeping out of the landfill.  Most sofas are constructed of wooden frames but some modern brands are using metal now. The Blvd Co sofa is 100% foam.


How do you plan on bringing the beautiful sofa you just bought from place to place as your life changes over the next 10 years? It’s very hard to plan for the future which is why Blvd Co offers:

- Replaceable covers to give your sofa a makeover as often as you’d like.

- Complete modularity, enabling sections of the sofa to be added or removed to truly fit the shape of your new room. Some new brands claim to be modular but in reality, you can only make the couch longer or shorter. If you ever want an L-shaped couch or even a U-shaped, you need to look a bit further.

 Ease of setup and moving

The world moves very quickly around us today and we don’t have time to fuss about setting up furniture or dealing with moving it. Look for those sofas that will be shipped to your door and can be set up in under 15 minutes for the average sized sofa. Additionally, being able to take apart often, fit through tight spaces, and be easily moved are very important for those on the go.

There are a few sofas on the market that we found do well at meeting some of these items but very few that nail all three. We may be a bit biased but Blvd Co knocks it out of the park. The specially formulated foam is made to maintain its shape and structure for a minimum of 15 years and can be dropped off of a 20-story building without breaking. I’d say it’s hard to find another sofa that you can throw off a building and survive. Check out our design configurator to help you decide on the best sofa for your home here.

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