We hear this question a lot; what is a modular sofa?  Since we’re in the furniture industry and have been working on designing and building this sofa for the past 18 months, to us this wasn’t even a question and we assumed everyone else also knew what it was.

Let’s start with the definition pertaining to furniture and according to Merriam-Webster: modular means “constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use”.  You can start to realize that this is very similar to “sectional” and if you’re thinking that, you’re correct. Thinking of this terminology and how it can apply to our everyday lives, we may start to realize that a shoe rack that can become larger is in fact modular. An organizational system for your closet, or under your bathroom sink, can be modular (i.e. the plastic drawers that enable you to add as many as you need and nicely stack on top of each other).

Last but not least, modular sofas. A true modular sofa will allow the user to modify the shape and size based on their needs or room.  Many of the new modern brands out there consider themselves “modular” but they only allow the user to control the length of the couch. What about accommodating to different sizes? Turning a loveseat into a 3-person sofa doesn’t sound like true modularity to me.

The Blvd Co sofa is constructed of only three components; corners, middles, and ottomans. All corners are exactly the same and by rotating 90 degrees, you can easily turn a left arm into a right arm. The thoughtfully designed sofa enables the user to not only turn their SoHo (loveseat) into a Tribeca (three-person) but it also enables the user to create endless configurations. You can see this by using Blvd Co’s “Visual Config” tool on their build your own page. You can make an L-shape, a U-shape, a square sectional pit… the options are endless.

Modularity in a sofa enables it to keep up with those on the move. Next time you’re looking to purchase a sofa, think about how a modular sofa can provide that additional flexibility into your life knowing that you can reconfigure not only your current living room but future room as well.

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